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Humana SL  500 gr.
Humana SL is a milk-free special foods for infants and toddlers who not tolerate cow's milk protein and / or lactose. Humana SL can be given from birth as the only infant formula or be used for supplementary nutrition in infants.

     * For more than 25 years, Germany's No. 1
     * Most used SL-food
     * Dairy-free
     * Without the addition of fructose and lactose
     * No preservatives or artificial flavors and colors (according to Law)
     * Gluten free

It 'a special formula without cow's milk, from the pleasant taste, for infants and small children who are lactose and cow's milk intolerant, administered from birth onwards. Obtained from a GMO soy protein, vegetable oils and from glucose syrup, Humana SL is free of protein from gluten from galactose, lactose, sucrose and fructose from cow's milk. Contains taurine, carnitine and fat component tested by Humana, which is rich in linoleic acid and approaches the fat component of milk.

Important: breast milk is the ideal food for the infant. Therefore it is appropriate, before resorting to infant milk formula, being advised at the clinic or pediatrician



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Humana SL
16,00 €
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